3 Ways to Prepare for Rapid Business Growth

When starting a business, it's natural to envision a solid and prosperous future. Most small business owners don't consider how quickly a company begins to grow after it exits the startup phase. As a result, very few small business owners are ready, which leads to employee turnover, poor planning, and potentially the demise of your business which means preparing for business growth is significant. 

Building a business is exciting, but it can be hard to plan and prepare in a way that supports your business's future growth plans. It's essential to prepare for rapid business growth, so your team is ready for takeoff when your business starts to flourish. Growth is crucial to your long-term success as it makes it easier to acquire assets, attract new talent, and fund investments. It also helps drive your business's performance and profit forward.

What is a business growth plan? 

A business growth plan is a series of findings and goals that will help you improve your business's future success. Creating a business growth plan will help you identify how your business is performing as a whole so you and your team can prioritize critical areas for growth. When you start to prioritize essential areas for growth, you can narrow down your focus and work on what matters most. 

Referencing a business growth plan will also help you set clear goals for business growth targets, enabling you to establish accountability within your team. Establishing accountability amongst your team is extremely important. It helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals as your business evolves and begins to grow.

What is the purpose of a business growth plan? 

Business growth plans are completely customizable, meaning you can create yours with your business's goals, targets, and values in mind. A solid business growth plan will help you make an effective strategy for growth, determine your future financial needs, and attract investors, including angel investors, venture capital funding, and lenders. 

When creating a business growth plan, it's essential to develop the plan with potential investors in mind. Investors will want to be able to gain a clear understanding of how your company plans to scale and adapt to growth in the upcoming months. 

Your business growth plan should also outline growth pathways for existing customers, new lines of business, and new market opportunities. A solid business growth plan will also allow you to be more efficient in generating new sources of revenue by focusing on the value that your customers receive by interacting with your business which also allows you to differentiate yourself from competing firms. 

How do I know when my business is prepared for rapid growth? 

To determine if your business is prepared for rapid growth, you must step back and do a complete analysis that involves researching industry trends, market forces, competition, and consumer behaviours. It's important to remember that your plan will be ever-changing, so anything you create now will have multiple iterations and only improve as you continue to gain further insights.

The critical element is to develop a framework that allows you to react quickly and efficiently. Creating a business growth plan will help you prepare, so your team knows how to manage daily processes and operations when things start to evolve and forge forward.

Here are three things that you can do to prepare for rapid business growth: 

1. Choose Your Team Carefully

Your team will have a considerable impact on the future growth of your business, meaning it is imperative to surround yourself with excellent staff that you can trust to see your business through its next phase. Rapid business growth means you will have to add new employees to your team. Before adding more teammates, it's essential to step back and assess your current staff. Are your current staff members happy and satisfied in their roles? Can these staff members build upon their existing workload to handle added tasks? Are they onboard to grow and innovate with you through this next phase of rapid business growth?  

Additionally, adding a mentor to your network is a great way to prepare your business for rapid business growth. Seeking guidance and advice from an experienced professional that has walked in your shoes can help you move forward with confidence and security. If you aren't sure where to turn, consider seeking advice from a seasoned expert in your field. 

2. Keep Your Customers Top-of-Mind 

Regardless of which stage of rapid business growth you're in, it's essential to ensure that your customers are a priority. Don't forget to adhere to your customer's needs and be sure they are receiving quality service while your business adapts to handling growth. Ultimately, your customers are a significant factor contributing to your success, so keeping them happy is imperative and invaluable.

Taking advantage of social media reviews and customer feedback surveys is a great way to gauge your customers' satisfaction as your business transitions through this next phase of growth. Consider connecting with your customers to see if they are still content with your services as your company adapts. 

If you aren't sure who you serve or feel like you might have chosen a poor performing target market, read our article called How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Business.

3. Get Ready for Takeoff

The rapid business growth stage can be highly overwhelming or even daunting. When it comes time to make huge decisions that will determine your future success, it's imperative to come to the table with a plan that has you feeling confident and prepared. 

Thankfully, there are many tools that you can leverage when preparing for business growth. Establishing automated processes that track finances, sales, and talent will allow your business to scale quickly and efficiently. Investing in tools and technology that automate your business will also help you improve internal operations to help you meet demand when your business takes off. 

Prepare for Rapid Business Growth with Ridgebase 

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