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We make the process of choosing and deploying technology and automation solutions incredibly simple. Whether you have a project in mind or you need to identify and solve your business challenges, we can help. ”
Francis Hétu
Founder & CEO
The Ridgebase Difference

Accessible, Meaningful Solutions for Today's Tech Challenges

Whether you're trying to find your next CRM or ERP, implement a new time-tracking tool or evolve from those ancient Excel spreadsheets, Ridgebase can help you avoid wasting time and money on inefficient, non-scalable business operations.
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Every year, organizations lose 20-30% of their revenue due to inefficient processes

We help SMBs retain more of their profits and achieve their business objectives by automating inefficient operations and driving more revenue through smart technology decisions and deployments.
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CEOs spend almost 20% of their time on work that could be automated

We work with high-performing leaders to assess and identify key areas where technology and automation would lighten their workloads and allow them to focus on high ROI activities.
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Intelligent systems will drive 70% of customer interactions by 2022

Are you ready?
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We help companies deliver a better customer experience by optimizing their processes and guiding them to tech solutions that are designed for the challenges of today’s market.
“Using Ridgebase helped us find solutions quickly, improving our day-to-day operations.”
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Vincent Quirion

How It Works

We’ve put hundreds of clients through our methodology to help them achieve better results with technology. Here’s how we do it. 
Meet with an Advisor

We’ll pair you up with an advisor who deeply understands technology and business to propel you in the right direction.

Roadmap Creation

We’ll discuss your priorities, explore options and opportunities, and define a roadmap that helps you achieve your goals.

Fast turnaround!
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Action -> Results

Then, we’ll deploy and install the right tools without delay, so you get to your ideal destination quickly and cost-effectively.

Benefit From Leading-Edge Tech Deployment Practices

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Process & Data-driven
We tap into your existing processes, and your data, to choose the right solutions.
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Stack Curation
We focus on the latest first-rate tech, so it can adapt and respond to any challenges.
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We’ll make sure your systems are well-integrated for maximum simplicity and efficiency.
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We care about security. Being resilient means having peace of mind so we’ll ensure you have it.
Inclusive technology from old to new
Legacy Inclusive
We believe in keeping as much of the old stuff as possible to save time and money.
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Change Management
We’ll make sure your team is aware of what we’re changing and how it impacts their day-to-day.

Ridgebase Works with 1000s of Tools & Integrators

We take a completely unbiased approach to choosing tools and integrators for your business. This is just a small sample of the tools we have deployed into our client’s businesses. Book a meeting with an advisor to learn more about the tools we support.

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